Your play can thank us later

Plays are a demanding form of literature, requiring an expert writer, talented actors, a dedicated director, spaces to rehearse and stage the play, and an interested audience. It is amazing that they ever come together. Write, rehearse, and stage plays with continuous feedback at every step of the way with Inaction.

Better process for better plays

Now is the time to finish that play you always wanted to write.

We know how tricky it is to write and perform plays that people enjoy, but we are here to help

  • Listen as you write

    One of the hardest parts of writing a play is not knowing how it will sound when it is performed. Invite friends, colleagues, or strangers to perform your lines so that you can hear immediately how they sound. Edit the lines from there, request another performance, or record the lines yourself.

  • Rehearse asynchronously

    Rehearsal space is expensive, and actors are busy with their day jobs. Once a play is created and the actors are invited, actors can take rehearsal with them on the go. Actors can record their next line in the play while at the park or waiting for the bus. They can listen to the lines immediately before or after theirs and discuss their performance with the cast.

  • Director controls

    The director of the play can document their dramaturgy, issue directives, and request changes to the way a line was performed. Whether used asynchronously, or integrated as a resource during in-person rehearsals, Inaction can help keep everyone on the same page. Want to go without a director? Actors can use Inaction's features to collaborate on direction.

  • Market your play

    Inaction produces assets that you can use in the regular marketing of your play. Let potential audience members listen to a portion of your play. Allow actors to share a link for ticket purchases in which they have an equity. Let others stage your play.

Why Wait?

Whether you are a writer or actor in a small town or big city, Inaction can help bring your ambition a little closer to reality